Artist Statement

The Dream...

Photo © Tim Giraudier •

It was a Saturday. I remember in the dream that it was a Saturday. I had been asked to help a friend clean up a place he had inherited. "In the garage is an attic so start there and if there is anything you want, take it. Take whatever you want."

And so I began; unaware of what was to take place. Upon entering the attic, I saw there were numerous boxes and crates covered with dust and trash. One of the boxes began to glow as I approached it and when I removed the lid, the room filled with light and color. I reached in and retrieved the most beautiful glass art I had ever seen. Each box I opened held the same reward. I was in awe of what was before me… and then I woke up from the dream.

For days afterward I thought of the dream and wondering what it was telling me. How could I utilize it? Eventually I realized the symbolism of everything it had to tell me. Our brain is like an attic where we store endless amounts of information and images. My attic brain has stored these images that now wanted to breathe and live. And that's what I am doing... bringing to life by creating and presenting them.

I design by observation, instinct and intuition. Sometimes, from dream imagery. I work with color and "accidents" than can guide me in different directions. But mostly, I let my 3rd eye be my guide.

Cid Suntrader